Caldara Baits Leftists to Repeal TABOR

In his recent Denver Post column, Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute, trolls the Left by egging them on to do what they’ve really been aiming to do all along: repeal TABOR. Instead of continuing to dance around the issue by calling for “TABOR time-outs” and calling new taxes “fees,” Caldara urges them to do what’s really in their hearts:

You’ve always hated TABOR because you hate asking for permission to raise taxes. You hate asking to raise debt. You hate asking to keep excess tax revenue above the rate of population growth and inflation.

You’ve used every conceivable loophole the courts have pried open for you to keep what would have been refunded to working families.

And now you never want to have to ask again.

You know that’s what you want. We know that’s what you want. Respect us enough to stop lying to us…

Be honest for once and attempt to repeal the whole darn thing.

But we all know it won’t happen. The Left simply can’t be honest about what they really want. Why? Because the polling for their ideas is abysmal. As Caldara notes,

Some 27 years after fed-up taxpayers passed TABOR to reign in unchecked government growth without voter consent, they love it even more now than then. According to polling by Baselice and Associates, over 70% of voters support TABOR once it’s been described to them.

It would be fascinating to see what happens if they take his advice this special session. But something tells us they won’t. They don’t have the gumption.