Colorado newcomers should be grateful for our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights

If you are part of the more than two million people who relocated to the centennial state since 1992, we know it’s likely that you came for the mountains and microbrews but probably stayed for the job and outdoor lifestyle. There are a few things Jennifer Schubert-Akin and Amy Oliver Cooke think you should know

“Avoid I-70 on Sundays. We are Coloradans, not Coloradoans. And the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights is responsible for much of the state’s economic success, which likely drew you here in the first place.”

Our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, put you in charge. It’s not complicated. If politicians and the ruling class want more of your money, they have to #AskFirst.

Remember in this era of #MeToo, consent is good. Harvey Weinstein is bad. Our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights is good. Taking your money without asking is bad.

Welcome to Colorado!