Disrespect TABOR? Pay the Price.

“The Big Winner Tonight is TABOR”

Republican voters overwhelming rejected three high profile candidates who disrespected our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights with their support of Senate Bill 267, a.k.a. “The Grand Betrayal,” said President of the Independence Institute and TABORYes Coalition member Jon Caldara in an email following last night’s primary results.

The losers? State Senator Owen Hill who wanted to move to Congress; State Representative Dan Thurlow hoping to go to the State Senate; and State Representative (and one time assistant minority leader) Polly Lawrence won’t be the GOP nominee for State Treasurer.

On the flip side, Republican gubernatorial nominee Walker Stapleton signed the TABORYes pledge, and he won!

The message: Republican voters like consent. Screw with TABOR and disrespect voters, and you won’t advance in political career. Pledge to support, protect, and advance our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, and you move on. It’s that simple.