Hickenlooper Takes Credit for TABOR’s Successes

Everyone knows Colorado’s economy is booming thanks to the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights…everyone except former Governor and current Presidential candidate John Hickenlooper. Despite campaigning for the last six tax increases that were thankfully defeated at the ballot, Hick is trying to take credit for Colorado’s economy. As Colorado Rising Action’s Michael Fields writes, “In his prepared launch video and in media appearances…Hickenlooper has been regularly touting his role in Colorado’s booming economy.” He goes on that, in fact:

An interesting thing happened in last year’s election in Colorado. Voters elected Democrats down the ballot, but they also voted down significant tax increases by large margins.

In fact, the last six statewide tax increases on the ballot in Colorado have been voted down, resulting in billions of dollars in savings for taxpayers. These tax increases would have driven out small businesses and taken money out of the pockets of hardworking men and women supporting their families.

Hickenlooper supported many of these tax increases and even campaigned hard for some. Luckily, voters had the ability to overrule his bad judgment.

Nice try, Hick…but you can’t take credit for the nation’s #1 economy. Thank TABOR for that.