ICYMI: CO Politicians Want to Grab Your Dough!

Like in the classic Golden Girls episode, Colorado lawmakers want to play “Grab That Dough” with your money. The Colorado Springs Gazette’s editorial board says of the lawmakers who want to trash TABOR:

House Bill 1257 represents the latest in a barrage of attempts by Colorado’s legislative Democrats to fundamentally change Colorado in one legislative session.

The adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” seldom proves wrong. Colorado ain’t broke now and it wasn’t broke when Democrats took control of the state with landslide victories in November. Watching them challenge the economy, with everything from an assault on the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights to jobs-killing regulations on oil and gas, one would think we needed an economic overhaul.

Not surprisingly, they want to get rid of the one thing that led to the booming Colorado economy. Hands off our TABOR!