Rosen: TABOR Now More Than Ever!

Over on CompleteColorado‘s Page Two, Mike Rosen warns that the attacks on TABOR are dangerous especially because we need it now more than ever. He also notes that the Dems are trying to confuse voters by not using the term “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” in the ballot initiative language. Fortunately, “the [title] board, in a 3-0 vote, settled on this title: ‘An amendment to the Colorado constitution concerning the repeal of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR), Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution.'”

But, as Rosen notes, “aping the manner of the anti-Trump “Resistance,” Hedges is “resisting” that outcome. She said her group will request a rehearing by the title board, and if the board doesn’t give them a title they like, they may petition to the state Supreme Court.”

He goes on:

With a Democrat governor, a Democrat majority in both the Colorado House and Senate, a Democrat Secretary of State, Democrat Attorney General and Democrat Treasurer, Democrats have a virtual monopoly on the levers of elected political power in state government. TABOR is our last line of defense for fiscal responsibility. It has protected us from the kind of runaway government spending that has pushed other states like California, Illinois and Connecticut to the brink of insolvency. If Coloradans ever truly see the need to raise their taxes, under TABOR they can vote for it. We’d be wise not to give it up.

We won’t give up on TABOR!