Want to be part of the cool kids?

Twenty-seven individuals just added their names to the growing TABORYes coalition, a group that won’t tolerate any more attacks on the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights — the greatest gift voters have ever given themselves and future generations. Some of their comments include:

I continue to support the concept of TABOR and the positive effects it has had on controlling government spending.

I worked for many hours folding and stapling mailers, holding public programs and supporting TABOR to get it passed.  I am sick of the elite telling me that they know better than I do how to spend the money that I earn, and that they confiscate.  Sign me up.  I will fight in this revolution. 

Thanks for doing this!! I will be glad to help if a presentation could take place in Craig.

Count me in.

I pledge to respect the right of Coloradans to give their consent before their taxes are increased and/or they are burdened with additional debt. I also plan to hold accountable and share the name and political office of anyone who violates TABOR or seeks to weaken it.

Want to be a part of cool kids who pledge to protect and strengthen TABOR? It’s easy. You can sign our pledge online or print it and mail in a hard copy. Either way, we want you!