The TABOR Yes Coalition takes on anti-TABOR, consent-hating, government-expanding, nannyist bureaucrats like Philbert Dempster (a.k.a. Dr. Thomas Krannawitter). 

Join us for a fun evening as Mr. Dempster hosts, interviews, and lectures limited government, free marketeers Antonette De Lauro Smith of Centennial Institute and Mike Krause and Amy Oliver Cooke of the Independence Institute on the dangers of letting voters have a say in the size and scope of their own government.

For this townhall style event, feel free to bring your own questions for Mr. Dempster and our esteemed panelists. It’s sure to be educational and entertaining! Best of all, there’s no charge to you to attend.

Broomfield Community Center | Lakeshore Room
280 Spader Way
Broomfield, CO 80020

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
5:30 – 7:00pm

Special Guests:

  • Dr. Thomas L. Krannawitter, President of Speakeasy Ideas and author of Save the Swamp: Career Guide for Budding Bureaucrats
  • Amy Oliver Cooke, Independence Institute
  • Mike Krause, Independence Institute
  • Antonette De Lauro Smith, Centennial Institute
  • Jesse Mallory, Americans for Prosperity Foundation

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