"I support TABOR and oppose all efforts to weaken it. I don't want to become California, a failed state"

- Anne Knecht

"TABOR is one of the best things Colorado has, it should be a federal law also."

- Ron Elenbaas

"TABOR is the best value in government"

- Brian Vande Krol

"TABOR is essential to holding Colorado accountable to its citizens."

- Michael Theuner

"There is nothing more American than voting on a tax increase! Let's defen TABOR and avoid sneaky political tricks to crcumvent it."

- James Constas

"TABOR is all there is to protect us from greedy self-serving politicians"

- James W. singer

"I don't want Colorado to be anything like California or Oregon. Taxpayers need to have a vote before legislators raise our taxes."

- Melisa Elfring

"I continue to support the concept of TABOR and the positive effects it has had on controlling government spending"

- Robert Radocy

"I pledge to protect and strengthen the greatest gift Colorado voters ever gave themselves and future generations- The Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR)."

- Tracy Nickels Bishop

How would you explain Tabor?

"Control over elected officials."

- Gnothier

"I give thanks every day for TABOR. The state government can have as much money as it wants, it just has to ask first. It is liberating for this decision to live with the voters who will bear the costs of higher taxes rather than with politicians"

- Ross Izard

"I support the TABOR Amendment 100%"

- Pamela Pleasant-Foster

"TABOR is the only thing that can slow down the Californiacation of Colorado!"

- Linda Mackety

"TABOR is the only thing that can slow down the Californiacation of Colorado!"

- Linda Mackety

"I pledge to respect the right of Coloradans to give their consent before their taxes are increased and/or before they are burdened with additional debt. I also plan to hold accountable and share the name and political office of anyone who violates TABOR or seeks to weaken it"

- Deborah Bishop

"Illinois remains a failing state because spending grows faster than revenues each and every year. Even after massive tax hikes, every dollar of new revenue is quickly spent. The only policy solution that can solve this is problem is an airtight TABOR law like what Colorado has. There is a reason people are fleeing Illinois and California - Colorado is a better deal."

- Josh Tillman, CEO Illinois Policy Institute