CO Dems Try to Pull Fast One on Voters

Colorado Democrats are once again trying to trick voters into killing TABOR. As Amy Oliver Cooke writes in the Greeley Tribune, Dems recently declared their intent to keep all taxpayer money and permanently set aside the spending cap:

One example of Democrats’ end-run around TABOR is the FAMLI Leave Act, which is a state-run family leave program funded by a tax on employees and employers. The tax should be a fatal flaw, but Democrats in the state legislature don’t actually call it a tax because it would have to go to a vote of the people. And they know that based on recent history, it would probably lose. Winter’s bill is the most flagrant violation of TABOR, and there is no telling how high this tax could go because there’s no cap.

To add insult to taxpayer injury, according to news reports, Democratic leadership in the State House plans to put a question on the ballot this year that would raise taxes by nearly $1 billion by not returning taxpayer funds to taxpayers and remove limitations on government spending – forever.

Looks like they’ll be disappointed when they realize how much Coloradans actually love TABOR! We won’t be fooled.