Dan Mitchell: CO Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights should be a role model for nation

While the Denver-centric ruling class is doing its best to destroy the greatest gift Colorado voters ever gave themselves or future generations,  nationally renowned economist Dan Mitchell has this to say about our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, “TABOR should be nationally emulated, not locally emasculated.”

In his piece titled “Colorado’s Taxpayer [sic] Bill of Rights (TABOR) Should be a Role Model for the Nation” Mitchell explains why he’s a fan and that the other 49 states should look to our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights “assuming they want an effective fiscal rule.” If Colorado is any guide, voters and taxpayers probably do but politicians? Not so much.

Want to hear more from Dan Mitchell? See him discuss our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights in Steamboat Springs tonight, Aspen tomorrow night, and Durango on Thursday.